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Meet Kristina

Certified Health Coach & Nutrition Expert

I have been in the fitness and nutrition field since 2011. I became an ACE personal trainer to help people learn the fundamentals of lifting weights!


I enjoyed watching my clients gain strength and confidence in what their bodies were able to do! However, as I watched some people gain muscle and lose fat, I saw a lot (if not most) of my clients, while getting stronger, not losing the weight that they so desperately wanted to. I started wondering why pushing it so hard in the gym wasn’t making their goals become a reality.


Haven’t we always been told that if we move more and eat less, that’s where we would see major change? Why wasn’t it working for my clients? They were killing it in the gym, working hard 3-4x’s per week. What key ingredient was I missing? Was pushing it in the gym really where their focus should be, or was it slightly misguided?


I realized it isn’t necessarily about calories in/calories out, but habits, outside of the gym, that were sabotaging all of their lifting goals. Why was all the focus on getting into the gym, but not necessarily on lifestyle choices? Wasn’t this, going to a gym, a huge lifestyle change? If so, then why wasn’t the rest of their life falling into place, what was the barrier stopping them? Did the shift need first to be, Spirit, Mind, then Body? Or no particular order?



Rock Balancing

All of these questions made me seek out answers. And what I found wasn’t that surprising. We need to move more, very true. But we don’t always need to eat less, not so true. We need lasting change throughout our entire being, very true. We need mental and spiritual growth, very, very true. We need Spirit, Mind and Body change for lasting change.


That is how I came up with my business name, SMBCOACHING (Spirit Mind and Body) because it is so much more than just getting a gym membership, its more than following your macros or having someone tell you what and how to eat. It is more than constantly pushing yourself, and demanding more of yourself in the gym. Lasting change, true change, begins when you start listening to your body, and see that it is crying out for nourishment (Spirit), connection (Mind), and healthy movement (Body).


My goal, is to help you gain confidence in all areas of your life. To show you the key ingredients to make your goals a reality; to help you push yourself where you need pushing, comfort you where you need comfort, and offer balance, where you need balance. Then watch a fabulous, lasting transformation take place!!


If you’d like more information on how SMBCOACHING can help you reach your goals, please contact me! I look forward to hearing from you.

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